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Sorry, your browser doesn't support the <canvas> element. Battle Brothers Map Seed - VKkkNoAMPS
Lacks workshops.



Iron Lungs





This is not a map for trading or starting bros. It is mainly a seed I play on to maximize the elusive wildman recruits, and thought some of you might appreciate it. There are no less than 5 forest-based locations in the center of this map, and on top of that, they are all located near each other.

While trade profit is not overwhelming on this map, it is definitely convenient to the forest area. There is a location with salt mine just north of it, a location with 2 dye makers just south of it, and a trading city directly south of that.

As you increase rep in the forest to get better chances at wildmen, you can of course also pick up lumber when it's cheap and save it for rebuilding efforts and reap a profit around 100 a piece, just keep an eye out for places that have razed areas, and don't make lumber themselves.

Lastly, there's a nearby village with 2 wheat fields. These generate farmhands, probably my second-favorite recruit after wildman. If you have a hard-on for fletchers, there are 4 of those in the forest areas, too.