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When I was counting the buildings I didn't count "ruins". It seems like some buildings around the towns randomly get ruined.
Trade routes isn't that awesome, then I thought. But actually they are not the worsest.
It's kind of a medium map. Medium between starting brothers and actual map looking.



A New Company scenario. Start brothers aren't beasts, but decent. They are supposed to have about 90 melee\range skill and 30 melee def at 11 level with "gifted" perk. All of them have high HP, Resolve, medium fatigue. The map is awesome too. Equal amount of towns for all sides. Despite the lack of ports, there's a good trade - almost all trade and supplies buildings are there. For being more precise: North: 3 Trappers (fur), 2 lumber camps (wood), a leather tanner (light armor), 2 blast furnaces (heavy armor), 2 ore smelteries (quality weapons) a workshop (tools), a herbalist's grove (medicaments). Centre: a lumber camp (wood), a wool spinner (cloth), an amber collector (amber), 2 dye makers (dyes), surface copper vein (Copper Ingots), surface iron vein (selection of weapons), 2 ore smelteries (weapons), 2 workshops (tools), a blast furnace (heavy armor), an arrow makers shed (ammunition). South: a dye maker, arrow maker's shed, 4 silk farms (silk), 2 incense dryers (incense). Useful buildings: North: 2 temples, 3 taverns, 2 training halls, a kennel (war hound available), 3 taxidermists Centre: temple, 4 taverns, a kennel, taxidermists, 2 barbers, harbor South: a tavern, temple, taxidermist, arena port. If resolution is low here's a better quality map https://ibb.co/mtKnpPB pls thump this map up!