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This is my ultimate map! Bros are meh, but Lone Wolf has impatient (invaluable on plated hedge knight) and lucky - great for tank, but the map itself is the best Ive ever seen, found this one on the steam map seed thread.

Loads of trading resources including gems, salt and furs. Salt, gems and a workshop are all on the northern town cut off from view in the picture, making it a perfect village to get high reputation with. Its also right up the road from a keep and large city to make for quick flipping of gem stacks.

Two forest villages with great ranged recruits, a plethora of iron smelters and blast furnaces for named items and high end gear, many militia barracks and barracks for tons of high end recruits. 8/6/3 noble house split. Good port travel, 3 ports total that connect N and S. The map is varied and beautiful to look at, no wonky land formations or isolated island towns.

Excellent map for exploration! There is a VAST expanse of wilderness to the east with a horde of encampments and legendary locations. By far the BEST road network Ive ever seen. No cities/towns are isolated, everything is connected to a large circular road infrastructure. Wilderness to the east is right next to a ton of towns with taverns meaning loads of rumor opportunities for legendary gear. My favorite map ever!